Join Us Saturday December 16 at 5pm

For Dinner, Comedy, Music & The Message

Help Keep Kids Safe!

16 year old singer/songwriter Rosevelt teams up with Steered Straight to bring her Music and Message of safety and prevention to thousands of students around the country!

Nearly 300 schools are ready to be scheduled, she just needs to get there!!

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Music & The Message

This is where the rubber meets the road. 16 year old Rosevelt, in front of her peers, teaching them to “Speak Up, Be Safe” and empowering them with the 1-800-4-A-CHILD helpline to call or text if ever they need help, have questions, or just need someone to talk to.

Rosevelt connects with them, because she’s their age, she’s one of them.

2023-24 GOAL: 300 assemblies & 150,000 students.

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Steered Straight

The mission is to steer youth straight toward making sound, rational decisions through a learning experience that provides a message of reality to help them make positive, informed choices.

#1 School Educator on Vaping & Fentanyl

Founder Michael Deleon and Steered Straight have presented to 9,200 schools and over 14 MILLION Students in all 50 states.

Michael will share with us how SS wants to help Rosevelt reach her goal!

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Sheriff Mark Lamb

If anyone knows the dangers that today's youth are dealing with, its our law enforcement officers who see it day after day. Senate-hopeful Sheriff Mark Lamb will co-host tonight's event (and join in a couple comedy skits)!

Jef Rawls

If anyone knows comedy, its JesterZ Improv owner Jef Rawls. With over 5,500 LIVE Comedy Shows, and producer of "Music & The Message" school tour and podcast with his daughter Rosevelt.

Entertainment by JesterZ Improv Comedy

There are NO scripts in this quick-witted, fast-paced LIVE improvised comedy show that is appropriate for all-ages. Every comedic scene begins with audience suggestions - which means you inspire the show!

Every word ad-libed and every scene improvised.

You provide the topics, we’ll provide NON-STOP side-splitting comedy.

If you've seen Whose Line Is It Anyway, you'll LOVE the JesterZ!

Dinner by Award Winning and Food Network Stars:

Sassy's Melody & Jeff Larsen

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