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Welcome parents of teenagers who aspire to see their young adults grow in self-assurance, creativity, and the ability to connect with others. Our Teen Improv Classes are designed to be a transformative journey, where confidence takes center stage, creativity knows no boundaries, and communication skills are honed to perfection.

OH! and we have a LOT OF FUN!!

Whether you wish your teenager gets a boost of self-esteem, or become a more skilled communicator, our weekly teen improv class caters to all aspirations.

Join us today and set your teenager on the path to self-discovery, where the magic of improvisation shapes lives and laughter lights the way. Embrace the power of newfound confidence, unleashed creativity, and enhanced communication skills with JesterZ Improv!

3 FUN-damental Rules

Not only will your teen learn the skills of improvisation, they will also focus on:

Listening – It’s a world-wide epidemic that kids don’t listen. And there’s not a lot of summer camps that focus on the SKILL of listening. Improv is about creating together and REQUIRES that we listen to each other. It’s the #1 rule in improv!

Yes, And – On stage, we teach them to say “yes” to the reality which is being created, to stay positive and support the ideas that are being given by their partner. In real life “yes, and” teaches kids to listen, contribute to the conversation and to be way more positive, even about the most difficult tasks.
(Kids saying “Yes, And” to cleaning their rooms is all we could ever want)

Teamwork – We reinforce the individual contributing to the success of the whole. Each student and their imagination work with 1-10 other people to create amazing scenes on the spot.

Life Skills That Will Help Your Teen With:

Group social skills at school, church, sports, etc.

Communicating with adults (incl. YOU!)

Customer service & phone skills

Job Interview

College prep/entrance

Dating & 1-on-1 conversations

Leadership roles

Public speaking & social discomfort

Ministry & missionary service

Overcoming anxiety

Interpersonal boundaries

Characters & Comedy Techniques

Playing characters and making bold choices can be really fun! It also teaches us empathy. To play someone else besides ourselves teaches us to think in a different perspective, teaches us to have perception.

Whether your teen is already funny, or if that skill needs to be developed, JesterZ Teen improv teaches fun & easy comedic techniques that ANYONE can do to elicit a laugh.

Improv Games

Structures, rules, and guidelines allow for creative freedom to flourish. Fun theater games that set up the team & individual for success. Many of the same games you see the professional comedians perform!

This is where the FUNNY happens!

Intro to Improv

Try before you buy! This 1 hour intro class gives you a high overview of the fun and learning you'll receive in our 8 week course. Sign up today!

Comedy Writers Lab - Thursdays 6pm

Although introduced as an adult class, teens can join in and craft witty stand-up routines, write laugh-inducing sketches, and even pen humorous tunes for musical comedy. Through a thoughtful blend of instruction and hands-on practice, you’ll learn the art of infusing humor into any narrative, creating content that resonates with audiences across different platforms, including social media, TikTok, and commercial advertising. Keep your audience hooked with the skills to weave humor & comedy seamlessly into your creative projects.

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